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To slap someone in the face with a penis.
Similar to b-slap
Fool stole my tot's! Ima have to p-slap them now
by Natali3 November 08, 2007
A fat object-usually a person. Such as a stupid teacher.

Or something you eat that is generally not meant for digesting-and it's huge/fat, such as a stupid teacher.
You're a stupid manty.
by Natali3 November 07, 2007
To fart and/or dung while online. An online fart or poo.
I smell p00t...cyber p00t.
by Natali3 November 07, 2007
to b-slap and walk away
I'm breaking up with you, k thnx bai.
by Natali3 November 07, 2007
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