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When 3 people are involved in 1 relationship. Sort of like a " love triangle."
Noah: "Did you hear about the freaky trilationship that Penelope, Ana and Steve have?"

Collin: " No, tell me about it?"

Noah: "Well, Ana dated Steve, but they broke up. Then Penelope dated Steve, but Steve still loved Ana, so Steve asked Ana if she wanted to date the both of them, as in Steve and Penelope. She said yes. So now, Penelope, Ana and Steve are all together."

Collin: "Sounds like a G-Rated Orgy. Fo sho."
by NatBarColombus June 28, 2010
Where during sexual acts, you fake an orgasm because you are bored.
Lance: "It was like having sex with a grandma, so I pulled a boregasm, and got the hell out of there."

Tina: " He was making weird faces, so I boregasmed and said goodnight."
by NatBarColombus June 28, 2010
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