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One who packs ass
Bubba is an ass crammer
by Nasy Brett December 18, 2003
The ass hole
When the river runs red take the dirt path.
by Nasy Brett December 19, 2003
Nads having chode like quilities. Or an insult.
Dude what is up with your package? You must be sporting a chonad or something.
Don't be a chonad or i will drop kick you in the mouth.
by Nasy Brett December 18, 2003
Prior to recieving head from a girl you discretetly dip your nuts in some lemon juice and give that skank a sour surprise.
The other niight my girl said she we wanted us to spice up our love life so i slammed her with a lemon drop and then i proceded to give her the donkey punch.
by Nasy Brett December 16, 2003
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