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1. A term used to describe an attractive and scandily clad female air line attendent or stewartess.
Call one of these fly ass Delta coochies while we get you to your hoe and back likity split.
by Nashawaty April 24, 2005
n. When a man is engaging in anal sex with a partner and comunicates to the partner that he is finished, then as the partner turns around he is greeted by skeet in the face and eyes while hearing "April Fools!"
On all other days this is known as a Houdini
Tomorrow I am going to pull an "April Fools" on Cindy
by Nashawaty April 24, 2005
v. to slap a woman in the face with your penis. Usually results in an audible cracking noise, and a red mark on her cheek. May or may not result in skeet on the face.
if you speak to me like that again, I will be forced to line up you, your mom and sister for a tri-fuggle.
by Nashawaty April 24, 2005

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