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Stimulant induced fixation on an activity/project...

usually an instance wherein the person feels overwhelmingly compelled to take on a mentally stimulating task, even perhaps over do it
without regard for the amount of time spent

This project or activity can often be meaningless/ unimportant but nonetheless irristable

aka "being stuck," "geeking," "tweeking"
"A meth user can stay awake for several days at a time, and is often content to perform repetitive tasks -- even having the patience to stitch together shredded documents"-newspaper article

OBSESSIVELY tweak out on :
rearranging sock drawers; organizing and rearranging; disassembling electronics and appliances; drawing; cleaning; carpet surfing ( crawling around on the floor searching for crumbs of drugs ); picking one's own face; being unable to stop staring at the monitor to their outside surveillance camera; over analyzing an incident, event, topic of discussion, comment, or idea; conspiring; Captain Curtains aka Window Policing ( peeking out the windows every few seconds )
by Nargle the Garthon GAK GAK GAK January 10, 2006
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