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Sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual activity. This word was coined by Sacha Baron Cohen's character Borat.
"I like make a sexytime!" -Borat
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by Narek November 30, 2006
Clothing company with close connections to the skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding lifestyles.

Known for its expensive t-shirts which are made of thin cotton and depict artistic and obscure designs.

The company's name is pronounced "ru-kah", as its main logo is the word RUCA spelled with a Roman "V" in place of the "U". It is frequently misread and mispronounced as an acronym "R V C A".
A: Damn dude look at that RVCA shirt.
B: Nice shirt, but you're pronouncing it incorrectly, stupid.
#clothing #shirt #rvca #ruca #skating #snowboarding
by Narek November 25, 2006
The police.

Used by Eazy-E on N.W.A.'s seminal single "Fuck tha Police".
"I'm tired of the motherfuckin' jacket. Sweatin my gang while I'm chillin' in the shack and shining the light in my face and for what? Maybe it's because I kick so much butt." -An exerpt from Eazy's verse on "Fuck tha Police"
#fuzz #5-0 #po-po #police #pigs
by Narek February 01, 2007
A collective term referring to the items carried in one's pocket when one goes out. Items are typically cell phone, wallet and keys.
A: Let's peace out.
B: Ey, but wheres my kit?
A: You left it on the table.
B: Sweet, thanks.
#kit #stuff #walltet #keys #cell phone
by Narek November 25, 2006
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