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The subjective (but reliable!) measure of the aural quality of a female orgasm, taking into account pitch, tone, duration, intensity and content (ie what she actually says - some women scream "yes!", for instance, whilst others make noises resembling various animals).
A: How about Stephanie - you reckon she'd have a decent climax call?

B: Yeah, she'd have a wild one - better than Zoe's climax call, she's too whiny.

A: I like whiny.

B: Whiny is bad, dude.

by Narcoleptix August 20, 2007
To casually, but vigorously and lustfully, engage in promiscuous sexual or pre-coital activity, usually with a person with whom one is not in the least bit romantically involved. It's what "cheaters" and "fuck buddies" do. The implication is that the couple meet discreetly and stop by an outhouse/ roadhouse/ motel etc. to do their naughty business.
I don't think I would ever go out with her, but I'd roadhouse her in a second.
by Narcoleptix September 24, 2007

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