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Newstead Wood is a school for the very well educated - the 'gifted and talented'. Yes, forced to wear bottle green, yet somehow they occupy the uniform whilst still looking nice - and yes, too many feel the need to dye their hair period red (please stop that) - but most are smart, pretty and will probably be your boss' in the future. Respect for the Newsteadians.
Darrick Wood Chav: Oii, Blad look at da bogey walkin past - shout at her to prove how arddd we are!

Newsteadian: Simplify the square root of 12 over square root of 6.

Darrick Wood Chav: Whahh?

Newsteadian: No, the answer would be the square root of 12 over square root of 6 or fully simplified as a Surd to the square root of 2. Now piss off.

Darrick Wood Chav: How'd she do that? :O

Darrick Wood Chav 2: She goes to Newstead wood.
by NaomNaomNaomiiii1233 May 16, 2011

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