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when i say rice you say peeeeeea!
rice and....?
by nano September 09, 2003
A Word mixed between Husband/wife. Maybe used if your husband acts like a wife or if a wife acts like a husband. Can also be used between gay married couples. Can be used as an insult.
You are SUCH a husbife.
by Nano March 19, 2005
Husbife is a mix between husband and wife. Such as a husband acting like a wife, or a wife acting like a husband. Can also be used with gay couples. Also, it can be derogatory.
My husband always cleans and washes...he's such a husbife!
by Nano March 23, 2005
is used in reference to an extremely hot girl; one of the three main classifications of girls; butch bitch and batch.
Whoa! Look at that batch! She's is so hot!
by nano October 04, 2004
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