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A person of Vietanmese ethnicity. You can usually find them standing near the front of many rave parties popping ecstasy with their kids, grandkids, gradparents etc. They love to rock the Versace crystal studded belt with track pants and dress shoes. For the more fashionable ones, the girls rock the short booty skirts with hooker heals and a a slutty top to show off their brand new implants their shady boyfriends paid for. Boys beware the girls come with golden shovels! The boys...hmmm I know, they like to rock the kappa track suits or black jeans (pants) usually with a translucent/transparent Versace/Mochino top to show off their "huge" physique and dark nipples. When you see them in the crowd pretend they don't exist and lord forbid if you even bumped into one because you might as well dig yourself a grave. Don't even smile at them, they don't understand or know how to read body language or facial expressions. Basically, any type of facial expression or body language towards this ethnicity is considered negative and it will get you shot or sh!t kicked.
I am a nammer and I love to wear Versace even if it's the ugliest item on the rack.
by Nammers_forbidden September 06, 2006

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