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2 definitions by NameGuru2010

A very witful, sincere, lovable, talkative, sweet, caring, free spirited, gorgeous woman whose of Vietnamese descend.
That girl is simply amazing, she must be a Nhung!

When man asked for the perfect woman, God said 'perfect does not exist, but this is the best I can do', and he created Nhung. As the man started thanking God, God warned 'be careful now, she has a temper on her this one.'
by NameGuru2010 February 04, 2010
Orgin : Brad
How it came to be: Most likely a nickname given by a girlfriend or close friend.

1- A laid back individual who does not take anything too seriously and live life as it is, day by day.

2- Is fun to be around, accepts you for who you are and is always down for anything.

3- He's sexy, has a unique sense of humor, and can be very random at times.
You're always chillin', man, you must be a Braddy.

Hey Braddy, thanks for being a real friend.
by NameGuru2010 February 04, 2010