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On an internet forum, a person who defends a member who is clearly wrong, usually with the hopes of gaining brownie points with said member. Often seen as negative behavior.

Similar to playing Devil's Advocate, but specific to internet forums.
Member 1: Why all the hate? He made a valid point and you guys are just dismissing him.

Member 2: Dude, stop white knighting, the guy's a troll. You're just making it worse.
by Namagem1 January 13, 2011
A name for a person who seems to be antagonizing you, but who you later realize was helping you prepare for the inevitable.
From Megaman 3, where the character Break Man fights you multiple times, but turns out to be your brother who is helping you train for the final fight with Wily.

Common Protomen are siblings, Teachers, and Parents.
Guy: Man, that teacher is an ass!
Guy 2: You'll see, he's helping you. He's a Protoman.
by Namagem1 July 30, 2008
A conglomeration of tubes connected for a central purpose: To get you to your porn faster.
"So, how are things going on the Webernet?
by Namagem1 November 11, 2007
Abbreviation: Did Not Need To Know.

Primarily chat lingo.
Hann-13234-: OMFG I Want to F*** John so badly

Lookthatway: DNNTK
by Namagem1 November 28, 2007

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