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The Biggest Douche in the World.

Explanation: Daniel Craig (who is best known as the latest actor to portray James Bond) was offered to star in the upcoming Marvel superhero movie: "Thor" in the title role. This would later give him the chance to play the same part in the upcoming Avengers movie along side great actors such as Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr. and possibly even give him a role in the sequel to Ironman. But he turned down this offer, not on the basis that he doesn't think he would be a good fit, or that it conflicted with other commitments; but rather he laughs at the offer as if to say that he is above playing such a part; as if to give a big "fuck you" to everyone involved in making the film and all those who are looking forward to it. And it is because of this decision and his means of execution that has earned him the title of "biggest Douche in the World."
Example 1: "My boss is being a total Daniel Craig to me right now because he's giving everyone a raise except me."

Example 2: "My husband went on a rampage last night! He hit me to the ground then grabbed everything I owned that he could lift and started to throw it out the front door! I mean, he was a raging Daniel Craig!"

Example 3: "I love my Daddy but my Mommy says he's just a no-good Daniel Craig because he wanted her to have an abortion on me and he never comes to visit..."
by Naked Fringe Commentaries February 26, 2009

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