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the Title of "Nacho Mom" is given to someone of the male variety.
Nacho Moms' have black hair, blue eyes, and a healthy muscular build.
they usually have several children, but their favorites are the ones who are named Lyssa.
Nacho Mom's give cookies to their children when they behave correctly.
they happen to be very funny, and quite attractive, and they definitely LOVE attention.
walks in the rain, and listening to death metal are some of their favorite past times.
be careful of approaching a Nacho Mom. it can be very dangerous if you give off the wrong impression. they can easily eat your head off.
otherwise, if you set a good impression, Nacho Moms' are cuddly, sort of like a teddy bear~
Nacho Mom said i behaved soooo well last night that he gave me the ENTIRE cookie jar!
by NachoChillin' November 02, 2009

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