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1 definition by Nacho1898

A store where young teens who want to look the same waste all their money. The clothing comes in many different colors but all say the same thing. It is also a store that is technically not designer. Just a wannabe. Teens also think that the clothing is worn by rich people but truth be told real rich people buy clothing that's hundreds or over a thousand dollars like Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, etc.

Hollister is in fact a Low-end chain store.
Jake- "Like dude i'm so rich cuz like i spent $80 dollars on this Hollister sweater."

James-" So what i spent $800 dollars on this trench Jacket at Prada, as well as $200 on this suit at Armani Exchange, and by the way man you look kind of faggish."
by Nacho1898 February 01, 2010
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