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One of the greatest places of all time, home to many rappers its 1 of the 5 burours if you ask me its the best one every where you can find diferent people howard beach- italians jamiaca- blacks ridgewood- albos astoria- greeks forest hills- many diferent types of people but you can actually find israelis there Whitestone- more italians pretty much everywhere you go you can find an italian in queens. it has nice clubs like remi which is actually gay now because they started letting in little kids now. Its home of john gotti who lived in ozone park its also home of many rapers such as 50 cent g-unit ect. Its home to laguardia & jfk airports and the new york mets. Queens has a bad subway system and its almost impossible to get around in a car over there you can find just about any race from italians, jews, black ,hispanics, just about anyone. Queens has the 4th highest crime rate out of all the buruos it make longislande look like shit and its the place to be so get your ass over to queens cus thats the hot spot.
Queens is the shit im from bayside bitches
by NYZBEST September 12, 2006
Its the east side of westchester when its not fully to the east its actually 2 minutes in the car from yonkers which is on the west side of westchester. Eastchester filled with guidos and whores, and irish people. All the kids there are mostly italian american, and think that there in the mafia people have fake bronx accsents over there because they think there from arthur ave. All the kids drive BMWs and pimped out Jettas most of the tough kids over there grow up to be cops and give people a hard time, I my self grew up in queens and moved to westchester about 2 yrs ago and ive never seen a more mixed place in my life.
person 1: How yah doinn?
person 2: your not in the mafia your from eastchester
person 1: go fuck yah self
by NYZBEST September 12, 2006

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