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When someone is tonguing your balloon knot while giving you the good ole reach-around.
I received my first rusty trombone in Maastricht.
by NYPD February 09, 2004
when a dirty girl or your h-o-m-o partner proceeds to jetison their tongue deep into your balloon knot,dirt road,anus,leather donut
After we showered together, me and this chick hit the 69 position and 'threw' some lovelytongue darts.
by NYPD February 09, 2004
the WC; shit closet; toilet
At around 11:00 am, I always have to make a retreat to Camp David to drop a deuce.
by NYPD February 09, 2004
asshole; balloon knot; red eye; one's donut
Homosexual men have loose brown stars.

Blow my balloon knot, slutty hoe-bag.

While in jail, PJ got his donut 'punched' in by Big Dick Black.
by NYPD February 09, 2004
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