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Music for the simple-minded,teen-angst ridden teenagers who have no clue what metal is,let alone musicianship.They think that tuning you guitar so it sounds like distorted rubberbands makes it ''heavier''... and playing slow power chords with no solos....(holding an open note for 5 minutes is NOT a solo)Yes,these morons think they guitar solos are ''boring'',yet they only say that because they CAN'T solo.These kids don't even know basic metal for God's sake...Mention Chuck Billy or Chuck Shuldiner and they will just get a confused look on their face.
''DOoD LIke thAt KoRN Cd iZ SOoooOO HeAVy mAN!!THe wAy DeY plA DOs GeETaRZ IS sooOO kEwl!!''
by NUMETALRAWKSDOOD August 19, 2003

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