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Hot Rear Action; but sex;
That slut gave me some HRA action last night
by NSO April 24, 2003
Confused, mispronouncing computer teacher. See n00b
That garbage can feel out of no where, said the Terpak. SEALS?! SEELS? CSEELLS?
by NSO April 08, 2003
Semi-hot, dazed broad in Web Design Class. When shut down windows by pressing Alt-F4, she asked "How did you do that?!?" I replied "Alt-F4"...So she pressed Alt. F, 4. She in-turn said "Its not working!!!"

Also confused how to print in color.
Avid Word Art Fan.
Printer Girl is a complete moron
by NSO April 08, 2003
Los Angeles International Airport
1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA..
Red-eye leaves LAX at 10:50 tonight.
by NSO September 08, 2003
Giving an HJ in the dollar show.
Geesea was scarping that dude the WHOLE time.
by NSO March 12, 2004
Hot Solo Action: Female masturbation
That fly honie is getten some HSO on.
by NSO August 05, 2003
The worst band ever. Members Brad, Quinn, and Fernado
Quinn and Brad were giving Fernado a Rusty Trombone
by NSO February 14, 2004
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