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AFl aka GayFl aka Aerial Ping Pong aka Cross Country Basketball aka Catch n clap, is the only sport in the world which rewards failure. The idea is to kick the ball between 2 posts and gain 7 points. If your shit and you miss, you get one point for trying and failing.

GayFl is mostly played in the unintelligent states of Australia such as Tasmania (Inbreds), Victoria (Queers), South Australia (Serial Killers) and Western Australia (Abos) where the average IQ is below 30.

AFL is the only code of football (if you can call it football) that plays on a round feild. All in all there are 36 players and a total of 73 balls on the feild at any given time.

If you are into a softcock version of football combined with basketball and pingpong than AFL is for you.
Guy 1, Did you watch the AFL grandfinal?
Guy 2, Are you kidding, if you watched that im going to have to shoot you.
Guy 1, I um .... didnt watch it???
Guy 2, Fucking BANG!!! You LIAR!!!
by NRL Rocks October 02, 2009
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