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The guitarist of German pop rock band sensation, Tokio Hotel. He is known for his hip hop fashion & music sense, dread locks, and the baseball caps which seemingly never come off. Tom is the twin brother of Bill Kaulitz, born 10 minutes before Bill on September 1 1989. Despite being identical twins, they have very different styles (nowdays Bill looks very androgynous) and stopped looking the same since they were about seven. Tom can be found making gallant comments about women, or himself (most of which are jokes). But either way, he loves to talk about anything. Most girl fans of the band are divided by which twin they preffer.
Girl1: God, I love Bill from Tokio Hotel, he's so damn sexy!
Girl2: No way! Tom Kaulitz is so friggen hotter!
by NQS August 17, 2007
The Token Forum Nerd (or the TFN) is found in most forums as the most active nerd that looks at all posts by normal users and will most likely respond to them regardless if it holds their interest or not. Usually their motivation for being the TFN is to get, or if they already have, to keep "the most posts" in that community. Another motive is to be well known in that community in order to maintain their e-ego.
blastmaster is the token forum nerd.. look at his 30,000 posts.. I can't believe that o.O
by NQS September 15, 2007

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