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2 definitions by NPD

what happens to a bicycle messenger when they don't obey the traffic laws, drive between the cars stopped at a light and the sidewalk on a busy road with no parking, right when a passenger is getting out of the car, getting doored in the process, usually at 20mph or so.

Since passengers don't expect a vehicle to be flying by between the curb and the car, they don't look.
"You see that dumbass get p-doored? He should either obey the traffic laws on that meat scooter or slow down. That's gotta hurt."
by NPD May 22, 2007
The favored vehicle of the bicycle messenger. Offering little protection, the meat scooter is a very dangerous vehicle, even moreso when not operated in accordance with the traffic laws; often an accident is fatal.
"That guy is going to kill himself on that meat scooter. He should wait for the light like everyone else."
by NPD May 22, 2007