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Spending hours on end on youtube, going from one related video to the next, in a kind of trance-like state. Similar to a wiki-binge.
Ricardo Rafiel Johnson: Dawg, how long have you been on that computer?

Timothy Jared Schwartz: About five hours.

Ricardo Rafiel Johnson: Dude, you need to snap out of that youtube trance.
by NOTMYNECK2 July 23, 2009
Staying on wikipedia for hours on end, clicking on one linked term to the next, in a type of informational binge. Similar to a youtube trance.
Dasheeki: You still on wikipedia? Didn't you finish your research paper an hour ago?

Rawanda: Girl, I'm goin on a wiki-binge.

Dasheeki: What you need to do is snap out of it.
by NOTMYNECK2 July 23, 2009

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