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A very misunderstood band. Most punks refer to them as "too poppy" or "g@y @$$ sh!T sellouts". While in reality, Blink 182 started out as a very punk band. They were inspired by bands such as NOFX the Descendents, The Vandals, and Bad Religion, covering a NOFX song in their very first EP (flyswatter), and even inviting Bad Religion to open for them, which Bad Religion accepted. The vandals also produced Blink 182's first full length album, Buddha. Blink 182 separates itself from other punk pop bands, and has true respect for their punk roots. (Singer Tom Delonge collaborated with Rancid's Tim Armstrong in a side project). While Blink's music may be more popular or poppy than other punk bands, they still have the spirit and punk background that lets us label them as PUNK-Pop. A little too poppy to be called punk, but a type of punk nonetheless. A band that has played with Bad Religion, covered NOFX, collaborated with Rancid, and worked with the vandals can't be too far from punk now, can it?
Blink 182 are more punk than you think.
by NOReelBadRancidFishFX182 July 02, 2007

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