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2 definitions by NLL

1) To exert much effort but still fail miserably
2) Fall short of a goal
3) To get busted, caught red handed
1) It took him years to save all that money only to get it all stolen. That's what he gets for hiding all that cash in his house instead of putting it in the back. What a way to come up short!

2) He was banging this married chick. They were at her house fucking and her husband came home. Her husband was a cop! That guy came up short.
by NLL November 11, 2005
25 7
no pussy getting mother fucker

no - Etymology: Middle English, from Old English nA, from ne not + A always; akin to Old Norse & Old High German ne not, Latin ne-, Greek nE
1 a chiefly Scottish : NOT b -- used as a function word to express the negative of an alternative choice or possibility <shall we go out to dinner or no>

pussy - pussy

getting - Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse geta to get, beget; akin to Old English bigietan to beget, Latin prehendere to seize, grasp, Greek chandanein to hold, contain
transitive senses
1 a : to seek out and obtain <hoped to get dinner at the inn> b : to obtain and bring where wanted or needed <get a pencil from the desk>

mother fucker - mother fucker
I haven't been laid in months. I'm an NPGMF.
by NLL July 03, 2005
9 4