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A shortened version of "the weekend has landed".. at 5pm on a Friday, the weekend lands and off boobs time beckons.
The weekend has landed (TWHL). All that exists now is clubs, drugs, pubs and parties. I've got 48 hours off from the world, man. I'm gonna blow steam out my head like a screaming kettle, I'm gonna talk cod shit to strangers all night, I'm gonna lose the plot on the dancefloor, I'm gonna be off boobs. The free radicals inside me are freakin', man! Tonight I'm Jip Travolta, I'm Peter Popper, I'm going to never-never land with my chosen family, man. We're gonna get more spaced out than Neil Armstrong ever did, anything could happen tonight, you know? This could be the best night of my life. I've got 73 quid in my back burner - I'm gonna wax the lot, man! The Milky Bars are on me! Yeah!
by NK_Manz October 18, 2010
"Let's get fucking wrecked", let's get off boobs..
JJ: Eh lad, what shall we do tonight?
NK: Erm.. let's get fucking wrecked?
JJ: LGFW, great call, the weekend has fucking landed!
by NK_Manz October 18, 2010
A term used amongst male friends to replace common terms of endearment such as 'pal', 'boss' or 'brethren'.. suggests being linked through blood, only used for close friends.
NK: Na Manz..
JJ: Yo wagwan G..
NK: Just chillin' and ting..
*phone rings*
JJ: Ahhh shiii that's my gyal belling me fam, gonna have to bounce..
NK: Yeah no worries bludline, 1.
JJ: 1.
by NK_Manz October 18, 2010
If you're 'off boobs' then you've drunk to the stage where you lose the plot and do things that would seem outrageous and unacceptable where you sober.
Policemen: Excuse me, why did you just brick that granny's window?
NK: Cos off boobs init
Policemen: Well I'm going to have to take you into custody
NK: Fuck that you daft cunt, I'm bailing..
*NK then runs int toot wall*
by NK_Manz October 18, 2010

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