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A way to reference dat hoe
I'm hittin dis bitch tonight.
by NJC June 24, 2004
White man slang for an African American mans penis. Often times used during jealous or disgusting references.
Shit man, that movie has purple pounders in it!

Ahhh damn, turn that sick shit off!
by NJC March 29, 2005
A Spanish Mexican mix. 2) One who's blood contains vast amounts of Polish and Mexican blood.
So his dad is Polish and his mom is Mexican, wait wait wait, so Carlos is a Polican!?!?!
by NJC March 29, 2005
1) Something or somebody that appears to have groovy (cool) traits. 2) Sweet
*What'd you think of that skeets party?

** Ahh damn, that shit was groovylicious!
by NJC March 28, 2005
The practice of engaging in flatulence while in a crowd or line of people and then immediately moving through the crowd or line in such a manner as to spread the trail of fecal particles for optimum inhalation by all.
"Eleven people upchucked in the hallway after Bill crapdusted the entrance to the comedy show. A magnificent, high-hobopower crapdusting that will be remembered for years."
by NJC November 30, 2009
Using a laptop while taking a shit.
B: I'm takin a shit.
N: Right now?
B: Yup, I'm brown-keying.
B: Its not a dell,its a dung.
by NJC October 23, 2006
1) Very rich and/or snotty person often seeing themselves above you 2) A person usually easily mooched off of
*Damn dogg, I'm hungry. Let's go to shitmoneys house and take somma his food.

**Aight, how bout we grab some waffles and juiceboxes?
by NJC March 29, 2005

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