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See also: get the fuck on and shitted on.

A slang phrase meaning, "If you don't hurry up and do something, you are gonna miss out." or "If you don't do this, you are gonna feel like a dumb shit (like you've been 'shitted on')and regret it later."

Note: 'before' can also be shortened to 'fo' for a more urban slang feel.
Tom: Man, I wanna go get that O of kind bud dude accross town was gonna sell me for half price, but I'm so lazy I don't feel like driving.

Greg: Dude, you better get the fuck on before you're shit the fuck on! Are you fucking retarded?
by NINerd October 04, 2008
What a man might say when he has a particularly great orgasm and shoots an impressive load all over his partner.
Oh...yeah...that's it baby...uhhh...work it...you like that??...OH YEAH...OH YEAH...HERE IT COMES.....


Uhmmmm.....are you gonna need cab fare now, or can you just catch the bus?
by NINerd October 04, 2008

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