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The act of transforming a man's genitals into round, flat objects resembling pancakes. Usually accomplished through the application of extreme force delivered via a baseball bat or one's knee, foot, fist, or elbow.
Betsy said, "Owen, I haven't told you this before, but I have a 3rd degree black belt in Karate. If you don't keep your distance from me I will seriously pancake your yam sack."
by NIIC-T July 31, 2008
When one adheres to the allowable number of side dishes for a buffet lunch/dinner, but takes such large portions as to skirt the rules and deny others sustenance.
John said to Matt and Betsy as they stand in the lunch line, "Look at that bastard Tommy! He's not oversiding today. Instead, he's maxisiding on cottage cheese and fruit. I swear if there isn't any cottage cheese or fruit left for me I'm going to pancake his yam sack in front of everyone!
by NIIC-T September 04, 2008
When a person takes more than the allowed number of side dishes at a buffet or dinner.
Betsy to Matt, "Did you see that bastard Tommy take potato wedges when he already had soup on his tray?! That better not be the last of them. If I don't get potato wedges because of his oversiding, I'm going to seriously pancake his yam sack!"
by NIIC-T August 18, 2008
Flatulence released in an area where another person is expected to pass through.
Frank walked up the stairway just before lunchtime. As he opened the door he did not see anyone in the hall yet and dropped a claymore before closing the door.
by NIIC-T April 01, 2009

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