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1: A dish of lasagne made with spaghetti rather than lasagne sheets.
2: A dish of lasagne made with a substitute for lasagne sheets
3: Any pasta dish where the traditional pasta has been replaced by whatever is to hand, it need not even be pasta
4: "Spaganify", to substitute a critical ingredient in any meal with another simply because you didn't have one but you had the other. (also "spaganified" act of spaganifying)
5: "Spaganification", the act of spaganifying
"Spaganified", to improve a traditional dish by spaganification
Origins: (SPAGhetti + lasAgNE) Spagane was originally created by Mrs. M. Sharpe and named by DR Smith in June 2008. It occured due to a lack of lasagne sheets and having spaghetti subsituted for it.
Traditional SPAGANE looks like a 3 week old rotted corpse. The white sauce combined with tomato, beef and spaghetti strings looks like a decomposing body where the fat and flesh are liquefying and over-run with maggots. It is quite possibly because of this that it tastes so much better than it looks.
Thos who are capable of putting spagane in their mouths claim that it is in fact superior to the original dish, possibly because it absorbs more moisture than lasagne sheets and those who would not normally eat lasagne claim it has a better texture.
Scientific research continues.
(alternatives: Fusilagne, Tagagne, Basmatagne, though this version, substituting basmati rice for lasagne has not been well recieved)
by NIDRY July 10, 2008
Emoticon culture exists as a replacement for body language and tone of voice which is not possible through the medium of electronic communication.

1. Using emoticons to express feelings, inflexion, tone of voice and context when using e-mail/SMS/MSN etc without which may lead the recipient to misconstrue the meaning of what is said or interpret a joke as a serious comment or point of view.

2. The fear of being misinterpreted when using electronic communication that compels you to use emoticons extensively.

3. In e-mail forums, the use of emoticons when making contentious statements and to minimise the backlash and pillory one might otherwise be subjected to for expressing your true opinion.
by NIDRY July 10, 2008
1. June 24th.
2. A day for being mean to people called Patrick
3. The single day of the year when you are allowed to taunt a person, mercilessly for doing something stupid, inept or incomprehensible.
The origins of Paddy Hunting Day are nothing to do with the persecution of the Irish. The origins of the term date to June 24th 2008 when Patrick Sinclair of Stornoway, Outer Hebrides went out walking on a day he should have been rehearsing for a play. Regulated Paddy Hunting involves giving the subject a 20min head start and then pursuing them in a Skoda, preferably cross-country, rally style to the accompanyment of blazing horns.
Paddy Hunting Day taunting involes slapping the subject on the head repeatedly, poking them with the business end of a broom or running them over with a Skoda
by NIDRY July 10, 2008

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