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a doctor who specializes in hair,skin and nails
That girl needs a dermatologist...her face looks like a big pepperoni pizza
by NICE.LIKE.THAT April 12, 2006
Common misconception that Catholics believe everyone will go to hell. As a Catholic, we DO believe in forgiveness, God the father,son and Holy Ghost. We do not believe in vanity, which is why-in many Catholic schools- the girls will get suspended for stupid thing(i.e. wearing colored lip gloss).

Our services usually last a hour. We are the only religion(that I know of) that can drink at mass. We have a wine glass that the whole church shares, we stand in one EXTREMELY long line, drink our wine and eat our bread and then we kneel down to pray.

We do not believe in abortion, under any circumstance. We do believe that if we confess our sins, we go to heaven. Now, there are circumstances that can happen that a person can go to hell. we have a purgatory, which is simply a place that people wait to either get into heaven or hell.

A Catholic woman, well...those who are fully practicing Catholics and do EVERYTHING the book(bible) says, has to have as many babies as God will allow her.

Many people believe that Catholics hate homosexuals, not true. Because we are so forgiving, we forgive the gay people.

Now the problem is that some people confuse Catholicism with KKK. Very different. This is the reason Protestants and Catholics are not supposed to be married...they can be...but it's seen as taboo. When the KKK was first started, many of the members and leaders were Protestant. For some reason, the Protestants would pick on the Catholic,Jews, anyone that wasnt a white protestant basically.

As of the priests, most Catholics would never abuse a child. A little spanking is fine, never full on molestation. Those that do, will go to hell.
Good example of a Catholic......a Irish woman. Most Irish are Catholics.
by NICE.LIKE.THAT April 10, 2006

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