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A slight acronym for the commonly used phrase "ASS BALLS CONNECTION" or even more commonly known as the "grundle." It is hairy area between your balls and your ass hole.
Man you have a hairy ABC Connection...Biatch!
by NIBUD April 03, 2003
A spoiled bitch who gets anything and everything she wants; devil, satan wroshipper, slave driver. Weitzer is the definition of the most awful slime bag on the planet; sleezeball
Oh my god! How are you talking to Weitzer she is such a scum bag!
by NIBUD April 03, 2003
A common name of the one the call Charlie M. Birns, he also goes by the spanish form of this word "romachelo" or just "ro" for short.
Hey "dunk it!" Drive us to P-Brew!
by NIBUD April 03, 2003
see nibud
by NIBUD April 03, 2003

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