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A person (male or female) who feels fully satisfied solely by the smell of fresh, high grade marijuana.
Michael: Dave's a bit quiet tonight Shauny.
Shauny: I know Dave. I think he might be Po-zest.
Michael: Bit over the top init?
Shauny: Na. No draw around. he hasn't been himself for days. Think we might need to call the weed doctor.
by NEWAGECOWBOYS November 03, 2010
Noun - Pony - Marijuana i.e I LOVE PONY

Verb - (To ride the pony/getting pony'd) - To partake in any form of sense enhancing activity e.g getting high/drunk.
I ride the pony most weekends.

I got so pony'd I fell on my face twice and now I look like an actual pony...

Could go on forever. Pony is universal. Use at own disposal. All comes from a love of pony and a new found love of actual ponies....
Thought pony riding was fun.
Horse riding is A TRIP.
by NEWAGECOWBOYS November 03, 2010
A person of unfortunately stereotypical Mancunian attributes/fashion sense.
He looks a bit manky really.

i.e Liam Gallagher is well MANKY
by NEWAGECOWBOYS November 03, 2010

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