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You girls are rediculous. These definitions are rediculous. I graduated from The Academy of Notre Dame but was also a Villa Maria student at one point in time. I obviously enjoyed the Notre Dame community WAY more than Villa and yes I'll side with ND first over everything, but in all seriousness..don't post some stupid definition busting on Notre Dame. Last time I checked these are supposed to define "Villa Maria Girls" not Notre Dame. You wanna know what a Villa girl is...She's a private all-girls schoolgirl who is just like the rest of us. We all wear north face, popped collars, pearls, and ribbons. I have friends from Villa and they're great. All the little assholes posting this shit "villa vs. nd (or whoever else)" are obviously very young because when it comes down to it...a lot of us are actually friends. We've grown together and partied together. So underclassmen: get over your bullshit.
ND girl: We're getting a keg you guys wanna go in on it with us?
Villa girl: We'll be over in ten minutes.
by NDpride March 19, 2005

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