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Another name for Coors Light, a decent beer to drink if you are planning on drinking a dozen or more beers in one night.
1. Barkeep, I'll have three Cousin Larrys please.

2. Consider this exchange:
Dude 1: "You want a Sam Adam's?"
Dude 2: "No thanks, I feel like tonight may flash, make it a Cousin Larry! Hell, make it two!"
by NDFitz April 19, 2006
A social gathering on an "off night" of the week, usually at a bar or someone's house/apt, that starts out small but suddenly, unintentionally, and randomly reaches critical mass and turns into drunken mayhem.
"Last night McHugh and I went to the pub to have a few beers, but then people randomly started showing up and it turned into a flash party. Some Excedrin would be good about now."
by NDFitz April 19, 2006

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