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Spanish for the tip of the dick
When you suck a dick in spanish it is called mama ñema
by NC August 09, 2004
Someone who demonstrates their ignorance, intolerance, closed-mindedness & evil ways through violence towards those that appear at all different to them. (Also can be a beater of any race, sex, religion or social class that is not of their own)>
Mike & Ray were fagbashed by a drunken idiot when all they were doing was walking home peacefully. The same idiot who claims to love his wife yet beats her on a daily basis--but THEY were married in the church so that makes it OK!
by NC May 30, 2003
The greatest girl in the whole fucking world
Hmm.. that girl is so goddamn beautiful, she reminds me of that spanish girl, estefania M
by NC November 10, 2004
adj 1: naughtily or annoyingly playful; 2: badly behaved; 3: deliberately causing harm or damage

Also see natalie
"she was saucy and mischievous in school"; "a naughty girl";"mischievous rumors and falsehoods";"teasing and worrying with impish laughter"
by NC March 18, 2005
A species of animal which define our crazy world.
Ulcer Munkee, Bank Munkee
by NC June 24, 2004
^ he was pushed by his so called "friends"
by nc April 01, 2003
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