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1.)A girl who has physical appeals that attracts a guy.
2.)A girl can also be pretty inside in her feelings in her beliefs.
She is so pretty i love her eyes.
I like the way she thinks it makes her look so pretty.
by NARKILLA03 November 11, 2004
1.)Some one who you might think is attracting.
2.)Physical attraction.
3.)Cute, sexy, and what the person is wearin.
Hey check out that cutie over there.
"Lookin good today cutie"
Daumn I love what your wearin cutie keep it up.
by NARKILLA03 November 11, 2004
1.)To get even with some one who in the past may of have hurt you.
2.)One of the worst of hurting you is in the heart when some one you truly love changes you for some one else thats when u cant think of anything but pay-back.
3.)When another person might of slapped, kicked, punched, etc... and you want that person to pay for it double the time they hurt you.
Like I Said...PAY-BACK is a BITCH.
by NARKILLA03 November 11, 2004
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