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2 definitions by NAETORUDAMNIT!!!!

Old video games rock. No matter how you slice it. Back in the day developers didn't rush to get their games out. Nowadays, when games are rushed for their release date, they lose features!! But thank god, many old games are still being played. Sadly, it only takes ten years for a game to become old. Hell, I know some kids who have never heard of Pokemon Crystal (THE most badass pokemon game ever.)!! Even the earliest Final Fantasy games are old, and still kick ass. I own a SNES and I play on that about twice as often as I do my Xbox 360. Sure, the gameplay isn't as nice on old consoles, but who cares?
Old video games rock.

I just beat MegaMan 2 in an ALL BUSTER RUN!!
by NAETORUDAMNIT!!!! May 27, 2009
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LDD, or Lego Digital Designer is a CAD-like program for use on both macs and PCs. You can create your own lego models on it and upload them to the Lego website, where you and other people can buy them. The most recent patch was this April, contains several new parts, though there are tons still missing. In addition, the parts in LDD may have a different price on the website.
LDD is a great tool for beggining engineers and pros alike.

Also, Legos is not the correct plural, Lego is.
by NAETORUDAMNIT!!!! May 01, 2009
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