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The opposite of Smart Bitch.

See Smart Bitch.
Dumb Bitch, wheres my dinner!
by NADROJ January 21, 2004
To be beaten like a Blind, Deaf, Dumb, Quadriplegic, Midget Hooker who owes her Pimp money.
A one punch TKO, wow the champ got his ass Handed to him.
by NADROJ January 21, 2004
To have ones shit fucked up
After losing to TROGDOR Billy was depressed to the point of suicide. TROGDOR Fucked billy's shit up.
by NADROJ January 21, 2004
What you say when your friend who is secretly in love with your friend asks you to say something funny just before your friend walks over to the two of you.
Quick, say something funny.

"Whats that? you just farted, thats hilarious!"
by NADROJ January 21, 2004
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