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A punctuation mark which appears above an enemy's head in Metal Gear Solid when Solid Snake is spotted.
Genome Soldier: Huh? What was that...?
Snake: *hides unsuccessfully*
Genome Soldier: !
by N64gen May 16, 2009
German word for pig. In German, can be used as a highly derogatory term coming close to the meanings of "asshole" or "douchebag." Can also be used in colloquial English.
Jerry decided to keyscratch "jer waz here" on the side of the Logan's car last week. What a schwein.
by N64gen January 29, 2009
At one point, this word was a widely-used Internet acronym that stands for "laughing out loud." Now, depending on the context, it is a universal way of saying "I don't care" without the harshness of the phrase itself.
Guy 1: I got promoted at the workplace today!
Guy 2: lol
by N64gen July 02, 2009
A cartoon series on the Internet. While it is well animated and sports a decent sense of humor, it is highly overrated.
Hyperactive Teenage Girl: OMG OMG Have you seen Charlie The Unicorn?!

Regular Person: For the fifteenth time... Yes.

Hyperactive Teenage Girl: It's SOOOOO funny and SOOOOO RANDOM! Tee-hee!

Regular Person: *facepalm*
by N64Gen April 11, 2009

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