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Replacing the "dic" (pronounced "dick") in "ridiculous" with the word "cock"
"It is ricockulous how easy it is to get Rick Rol'd on YouTube"
by N4lyfe April 08, 2010
A replacement for the word "gay".
Derived from the film "Brokeback Mountain", a story involving two male cowboys who unintentionally fall in love with one another. Homosexual.
guy #1 - "Did you see that? That dude just grabbed that other dudes ass!
guy #2 - "WTF. He's hella brokeback."

girl - "So, can you come over this afternoon?"
guy - "No, I gotta hang with my pops until my mom gets home, all hell breaks loose if he's home alone for too long."
girl - "thats brokeback"
by N4lyfe April 07, 2010

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