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Abbreviation for "Teenage DickHead." - a large subset of teenagers, almost always (99.9%) male, who enjoy acting like idiots, being obnoxious, and making fun of people for no good reason.

It is speculated that these teens have contracted a viral illness called "teenage dickheaditis," which can be caught as early as 13 years old. The infection clears by age 25, if not sooner.

Sometimes a really good ass-kicking will cure the infection spontaneously.

"Teenage DickHead.... its only Teenage DickHead.....
Their all DickHeads!" (song parody)
Jenny: "What are those guys going on the corner, drinking and insulting people for no reason?"

Mary: "What a bunch of fucking TDH's! They need to get their asses kicked!"
by N0tMyRe@lName February 17, 2010
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