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The extremely competitive sport of seeing who can sit for the longest period of time. First official high school team created for this in early 2011 in Missouri.
Competitive sitting is awesome!
by N00berson mcgee July 12, 2011
the state of not being in a relationship, A.K.A being single. Singleness is usually characterized (if the person does not like singleness) by depression or pissyness and may be confused with PMS in women and BMS in men. It may also be confused with simple perversion, as the afflicted person usually acts somewhat perverted, due to the deprivation of love.

One of teh worst things anyone can ever have.
After Harry broke up with his girlfriend, his friends noticed that he became very depressed and perverted. Harry was suffering from his own singleness.
by N00berson mcgee January 05, 2011
The best food ever made on the face of any planet. Ever.
Gotta have mah ramen!
by N00berson mcgee November 27, 2010

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