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Someone with an extreemly small penis.
When I pulled down my pants she laughed because all I had to offer was a little white boy dick.
by N Alleem April 16, 2007
When someone contracts a form of VD. The infection cause a burning sensation when urinating (peeing, pissing). Usually cleared up with a trip to the doctor.
1)I messed around with that white girl from the club but she was nasty. She gave me VD, had me pissing razor blades in the morning.

2)Shelly cheated on me; I was pissing razor blades. My dad had to take me to the doctor.

3)The condom broke and I caught a bug from Marcy. I've got to go to the clinic because it burns when I piss. Feels like I'm pissing razor blades.
by N Alleem April 16, 2007
A weird bug thing that can lay eggs in your hair. Normally this is only something white people can get. It comes from being unclean. Can be given to others by sharing unclean combs, hats, etc... GROSS!!!

1)I'm not wearing his hat he had lice.

2)The school checked everyone for lice today.

3)They wouldn't let Tom into the pool because he has lice.
by N Alleem April 16, 2007
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