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95 definitions by N/A

A slut; The bitch who loves the cock; Loves getting owned in the ass
A spanish teacher
by n/a June 13, 2003
7 4
little penis
if you want to get the chicks you better not have a kleinpeter.
by N/A March 05, 2003
4 1
A fucking idiot. Takes it up the ass.
Stop acting like a chipmunkman you goddamn kids!
by n/a October 31, 2003
5 3
A realistic Special Operations modification for Half-Life that has begun internal testing as of February 2003.
by N/A February 15, 2003
6 4
fool; patsy; sucker; a person who is easily manipulated or victimized
You think I'm some handpatty?
I can't believe I was fooled; I feel like such a handpatty.
by n/a May 31, 2003
3 2
comes from the latin "susan" meaning LEGEND. Origininating in Westhill. The word "sudie" started off in a small school. The founder is the legendary scientist C.L.Runcie.
*when signing in on msn*
by N/A March 30, 2005
3 3
A vietnamese guy that likes to say, con khon lam chi neau.
Mom's Come in HIde the head not the body.
by N/A July 29, 2003
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