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GORDY: a derogatory description used to degrade a person, place, thing, and even ideas. However, it is most often unbeknownst to the recipient.
ie: Gordy bitch; Gordy bike; Gordy shoes...etc.
Anything that you think is shitty, just simply add "gordy".
You can also refer it as Gordified.
ie: This is a gordified garage.
hahaha....look at that fat, nasty ass gordy-bitch.
by n/a October 17, 2003
what black peple dont like
the nigger doesent like mayonnaise
by n/a February 27, 2004
A type of rocker; One who listens to hair/death/speed/thrash/heavy metal from the mid 80s to the mid 90s.
"those rockers are fags... crazy headbangers, are bigger pimps" -Brujeria
by N/A April 24, 2005
A male slut.
For some reason that I can't understand, the more sex he gets the more pimpin' he is, but for a female it's about the opposite.
"Look, he's getting it from all the girls. A true pimp."
"Fuck that, there's no difference between him and that whore."
by N/A October 29, 2003
One who moves their head forward and backward to the beat of music. Generally Metal or Death Metal. See bands Slipknot, Otep, Metallica. Also see the definition Craig
I saw this guy banging his head while driving down the road. I thought that crazy mofo was going to hit me!!
by N/A July 12, 2003
A school with lonely, pathetic, troubled losers. The population majority in the school is Jewish, and they are all crazy, stupid, or brainwashed (See Definiton #3). Second comes the depressed nerdy poseur-goths who seem to fit in quite well. If your not Jewish, or a poseur-goth, this is NOT the school for you.
Dude...I have no life, I scare away the opposite sex, and I have no friends....I think I'll go to High Tech High.
by N/A April 17, 2005
When a man blows his load in a girls eye and then make a loud "errrrrrr" nose, such as a pirate would make.
I gave that girl an angry pirate last night, it was deadly!
by n/a October 19, 2003

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