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a)A closet homosexual.
b)A person who finds homosexuality as perversion, gross, immoral, etc., and thinks that homosexuals should die.
Normally, homophobic men say that they find disgusting the idea of two men having sex; but, just let them watch an episode of The L Word and see how sexist and misogynistic they are...
Other homophobes say that they don't hate homosexuals, just their homosexual activities(?)... If sodomy is wrong, how is a gay man supposed to have sex?

I'm not lesbian or bi... yet(because who knows if my sexual orientation might not change in a couple of years); but, I hate intolerence and abuse and I really support gay rights; I have a bunch of gay friends that have done too much for me. I also find effeminate man and androgynes more attractive(hey, that's my taste in men, so I don't care what you think!)
Although I do believe in a God(sometimes it's good to believe in something), I don't believe in the bible and I do not assist to any church.
I don't believe that a homophobe is the same thing as a heterosexual with an opinion. Can somebody tell me if "fags will go to hell" is an opinion?
a)My ex-boyfriend: I'm not gay like that fag Stefan Olsdal, but I'd probably do Brian Molko...
Me: Huh?!
In my house...
My ex-boyfriend: Dude, let me borrow your dress.
Me: Sure. Go on, dude.
A couple of minutes later...
Me: Hey dude, it suits you better than me! Do you want me to do your make-up?
My ex-boyfriend: No! I don't want anybody to call me a fucking fag!

b)My brother: I can't understand why you watch Queer as Folk! Gay sex is fucking gross and wrong!
Me: Well, I like it because they analize the gay lifestyle and it's way better than watching the same shit on TV, like Friends. I also watch Will and Grace...
My brother: Another fag show...
Me: Victor, don't be such a homophobe!...
My brother: I'm not a homophobe! I just think that guys need to act manly and that gay sex is fucking sick!
Me: Whatever, dude... And I like The L Word.
My brother: I wouldn't have a problem watching that...
Me: Victor, it's still gay sex!
My brother: Yeah, but it looks hot in girls.
Me:(sighs frustrated) Oh my God...!
by Mythica August 24, 2006

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