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a genre of tshitty overrated pop-punk music popularized by bands such as sum 41, good charlotte, and simple plan. This type of music in no way relates to past meaning of punk, but takes on a new form in meaning partying, girls and shopping at malls. It's basically what hair bands were in the 80's, cheezy bullishit.
mall punk is so gay
by mystery January 15, 2004
a guy who likes to suck guys nobs and takes it up the ass, also can mean to finger himself whilst sucking on a dildo.
Sam Halliwell is a cock sucking ass bandit
by Mystery March 21, 2004
A kind of food that a viet girl usually likes and fill herself full of it all and get fat
"I want some of that duck_k!"
by Mystery April 14, 2004
A girl who likes to hide her gender on VGC.
Xenogenesis is kewl. :cool2:
by Mystery May 30, 2004
needs no explanation
ie Matt Sanger
by mystery May 22, 2003
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