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2 definitions by Mysterio-MrZero

Canadian usage. What Prime Minister Stephen Harper said to the people of Quebec. It was widely misunderstood to mean "you're a nation".
I was out walking in the snow after drinking too much Molson's and as I stopped to take a pee I looked across the river at that vast province to the east, when suddenly somebody with a French accent said, "what are you doing?", and I said, "urination" dude. And the rest was history.
by Mysterio-MrZero December 07, 2006
The ability to have no skills, but do something really stupid anyway. See Moron.
After kayaking just one season, "I think my biggest accomplishment is having one of the worst breaks the surgeon had seen and getting back on the river within two and half months after shattering my arm off a 25 foot waterfall." See kayaker. I have more than just keyboard courage, I'm up for this year's Darwin Awards.
by Mysterio-MrZero December 07, 2006