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2 definitions by Myrmidon

Strange, burberry-clad untermenschen who hang around street corners, prefix every sentance with 'Eh?' and listen to music that sounds like its been made on Dance EJay and speeded up a hundred times. Males of the species wear thick striped jumpers and rockports, tabs are optional. Female charvers wear earings the size of hubcaps and get pregnant at 13 so they can claim child benefits and get a cheapo flat. The wearing of berghaus coats, usually of a nasty shade of green or blue, is compulsory, as is talking like a complete retard and lacking any modicum of common sense whatsoever.
Typical charver phrases:
'Eh, I'll stab you in the foot!'
'Eh, what ye deein?'
'Eh, nar like!
by Myrmidon February 06, 2004
uber 1337 charm
omg, he uses 40 hex!
by myrmidon April 10, 2003